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A philosophy, an art ...


We often say that "wine is a work of art suggested by nature and accomplished by the hand of man"

In our opinion, there are 2 types of winegrowers , as there are 2 types of painters: there is the one who wants to copy and reproduce what sells the best, and there is the one who dares, who takes risks in the respect for his convictions and his values , he is the one who launches himself into a web, without knowing in advance if it will please

And we sincerely believe that each winegrower is a bit of an artist in his own way.

For our part, we seek to express the best of the potential of each vintage without seeking to reproduce anything, nor what we have already been able to do, nor even what others are doing.

Our framework is to produce the best possible grapes for optimal quality while respecting the original flavors of each wine.

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